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GMT Chronographs…

A Belgian brand , founded in 2010 by Alain De Nys. The brand developed its identity towards aviation and motorsports.

Our watches are designed with a sporty and elegant look.

Amongst  our different collections, showing character  as well as elegance, surely you will find a watch , answering your desires .


A family success story

Our family has been into the watch business for over 90 years and 4 generations.
The first family member entered the watch business was Ali Kinsbergen. He created the famous PONTIAC brand many in between you certainly remember the : « PONTIAC TIC TAC Story ».

Joanna Kinsbergen, Ali’s daughter took over the company and managed for the next 10 years. 
Together,  with her son « Alain De Nys », they obtained the distribution of the famous Breitling brand for the BeLux market.

20 years later in 2003 Alain created his own brand… «  Bombardier Swiss Chronographs » was born

In 2010, taking into account the difficult economical environnement , Alain decides to create the little « Bombardier » brother and he was named « GMT Chronographs ». A less expensive watch, having all the qualities of her big brother.

Today, GMT still  based in Belgium ,  keeps on designing new innovating watches.

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The latest GMT watches, Vintages 63 & Seventy were entirely financed by a crowdfunding effort.

The « Vintage 63 » series, through «  kickstarter ». 121 watches sold through 86 contributeurs worldwide for a total of 22.531$. Press on this link for details

The  last crowdfunding operation concerning the « Seventy » series was done using our own platform named «  GMT STARTER ». This funding generated 25 585€ thanks  to 43 contributeurs (In Belux) or 86 watches sold in pre-sale.