GMT Chonographs - Our story

A Belgian brand , founded in 2010 by Alain De Nys. The brand developed its identity towards aviation and motorsports.

Our watches are designed with a sporty and elegant look.

Amongst  our different collections, showing character  as well as elegance, surely you will find a watch , answering your desires .


GMT Chronographs

Gmt chronographs ' leitmotiv "   is  "beyond adventure".

This slogan speaks for itself , watches having a sporty look , affordable to anyone and mainly destined to be worn by motorsport fans , sailers ,  flight pilots and other adventurous souls.
A collection sealing elegance and precision , qualities much appreciated by pilots on  the ground as well as in the air !! A  very attractif price quality ratio from 300 till 800 €

GMT ....regularly sponsors different events such as : TENNIS - GOLF - HOCKEY - JUMPING - DRESSAGE as well as A LOT OF  motorsports events  . A story to follow...

Our job, our passion

At 59 years of age Al has a great track record and a succesfull career, in this special time related environment. An industry where design nearly becomes subtil art close to a jeweler's performance.  

Where seconds fly like sand through a hourglass, it is the packaging that does it all ...

One must be a passionate fool to dedicate most part of his life to watches... even if they are amongst the most precious ones.  Not to be exposed in a shopwindow as a trophee, but  to create , shape different styles , formes  creating future trends and stories..




In 2017  a kickstarter funding platform was used to launch the vintage 63 and at the end of 2018 our own crowdfunding event  to launch the new seventy style, 41.5 mm with mushroom shaped glass , just like in the 70’s.

We plan for the end of this year 2019 a new crowdfunding event, this time it will help launching two new babies : the seventy nine : a full automatique chrono watch having 3 counter displays (41.5 mm) and a ladies watch designed in season colors in ? steel (30mm).

GMT watches are unique often excelling through their  remarkable design .

Today empowered by a quartz mechanism    they match and mix,  force , presence, elegance and luxury .. They also wish to give to their clients a sensation of dreams accomplished together with a lot of emotion and even passion gets involved...